It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and also my favourite. I just love autumn and winter; I love the colours, I love the weather and I love the general feeling of excitement around Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and, of course, Christmas. Dog walking in a frosty park is a joy for both the dog and me. Yesterday was a gloriously crisp, white morning and Martha and I had a good game of chase in the low morning sun, when I managed to photograph her waiting for me to throw her ball. Here is Martha, intent on play.

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November morning sun

Autumn is here, soon to be winter, and it’s my favourite time of the year. I absolutely adore the period between mid-October and early January (yes, I even like the dark nights and mornings!) and I find it especially good for photography; the autumn colours turning into spindly bare-branched trees, low-sun, mist, fog, snow… some of my favourite photography subjects. We had a beautiful morning on Sunday so I managed to get out and take a few photos, the first of which, November morning sun, is posted below.

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CityScapes – Light Space & Time art competition

I entered another Light Space & Time art competition recently, the theme of which was CityScapes, and was absolutely thrilled to come second in the Photography & Digital category, while coming sixth overall. The photograph I submitted was Walking Into A Dream, which was taken a few years ago in the little alleyway between Manchester Town Hall and the Central Library.

This has been another huge boost to my photography, especially as I haven’t been able to do anything new recently owing to some ill health. I really am now looking forward to getting out with my camera once I’m back to full fitness again!

SeaScapes – Light Space & Time art competition

I’ve been neglecting photography in favour of writing lately so I’m really thrilled that one of the photographs I submitted for the April 2013 Light Space & Time art competition, SeaScapes, received a Special Merit award. The photograph I submitted was of the Grand Hotel and promenade at Llandudno, taken from the end of the pier.

This has been a wonderful encouragement for my photography and will hopefully give me the prod I need to start focussing on it properly again and devoting as much time to it as my writing from now on.


Photography: Tree with early morning sun

I’ve been neglecting my photography in favour of writing lately, but yesterday was a lovely autumnal day (and for once not raining… ) so we took the dog for a long walk in the park opposite our house and I took my camera. I was really pleased with one of the images I took. I’m also quite taken with the colour version, so may also add that to my photography website in due course.


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